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Microdermabrasion & Micro Needling

Micro Dermabrasion

Takes away dead build up on skin revealing new bright and smooth skin cells giving you a healthy glow.

Micro dermabrasion 30-45mins £45
Neck or lower neck line (décolletage) extra (each) £10

Great for acne prone enlarged pores and ageing skin.

A brilliant resurfacing treatment with quick results suitable for all skin types.

AK’s  Young Blood mineral make up can be applied straight after for those with busy schedules who need to carry on with their day without affecting the treatment.


Micro Needling

For sundamaged, ageing, acne scarred and stretch marked skin.

A CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) treatment where introducing new collagen into areas of the skin which has aged or become damaged from acne, sun or stretch marks can significantly alter the texture and appearance of the skin. Results can give a brighter, tighter more even and smoother look and feel to the newly treated skin.

The effects of the microneedling are cummalitive and continue to work and improve the skin even after the treatments.

Can be very affective for new scarring from surgical procedures such as face lifts. In fact some surgeons recommend this treatment. Ask your surgeon if and when a microneedling treatment can be performed on the scarring. Scarring can heal more evenly from having this treatment.

For more information, contact 0777 2026975

Prices from:

£120 for face

£60 for top lip and other smaller areas such as isolated acne scarring

£250 for stretch marks