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Waxing for Females

Using the best warm and hot wax on the market for effective hair removal. New! Very latest Outback Organic Gold and True Blue wax coming soon!

Hot wax is the most suitable for intimate waxing as the wax adheres only to the hair leaving the skin silky smooth with no wax residue. Using the well renowned and sort after specialist technique patented by the Queen of Wax “Kim Lawless”. At AK experienced waxing specialists trained with the Kim Lawless technique will give you a quick and flawless waxing experience.

Full leg £30
Half leg (lower/Upper) £10/£20
Bikini (top & sides) or under arm £8
Bikini with full leg wax £6
Lip or chin(both)

Fingers or toes



Eyebrow £5
Half arm £8
Full Arm £15
Bikini – Brazilian, outer & inner labia, any noticeable hair on buttocks and crack (if required) *Using the latest hot wax on the market with patented technique removes all hair! Landing strip can be left if requested. £35
Bikini – Brazilian (with full leg wax) £30
Half leg (lower), Brazilian Bikini & Under arm package  £50
Half leg (lower), bikini (top and sides to pant line) & under arm package  £24

Waxing for Males

Using warm wax for effective depilation.

Back wax £25
Chest wax £15
Half forearms £10
Full arms £18